International workshop on:
The role of low energy fusion reactions in nuclear astrophysics: carbon burning
  Villa Orlandi, Anacapri, Naples,Italy
 May 14th - 16th, 2009
  Challenge for Laboratory nuclear-Astrophysics in
nderground and Surface 2009:
Michael Wiescher
Claus Rolfs,
history and role of 12C+12C in nuclear astrophysics
Alessandro Chieffi  The role of C burning on both the evolution of massive stars and the final yields
Jordi Isern Accretion Induced Collapse of White Dwarfs
Eli Aguilera  Recent experiments with low energy beam
Karl Ludwig Kratz r-Process Nucleosynthesis -- from Burr Oak to Present
Roberto Gallino The Re-Os Clock, astration and carbon-burning in massive stars
Martin Freer  The cluster structure of 12C and 24Mg
Alexis Diaz-Torres  Towards a theoretical understanding of the molecular resonance structures in the astrophysical Sfactor for 12C + 12C
Marco Pignatari C12+C12 rate uncertainty and its nucleosynthesis channels C12(C12,a),C12(C12,p) and C12(C12,n). Impact on the C shell nucleosynthesis
Lothar Buchmann Nuclear Astrophysics with DRAGON
Hans- Werner Becker Early experiments in Bochum
Tim Spillane Gamma-ray spectroscopy of the 12C+12C fusion reactions near the Gamow Energy
Jim Zickefoose new efforts in Caserta
Xiaodong Tang Study of the hindrance effect in sub-barrier fusion reactions
Leandro Gasques Pycnonuclear burning of 12C in accreting neutron stars
Luciano Piersanti Transition between intermediate and massive stars: M_up and M_up'
Paolo Gasparini Naples a city on two volcanoes
Filippo Terrasi From NABONA to CIRCE
Maurizio Busso European initiative in Nuclear Astrophysics
Pietro Corvisiero A special moonrise: the birth of  LUNA experiment
Maria Luisa Aliotta The 12C+12C reaction in an uderground laboratory: Future opportunities at Bulby
Karlheinz Langanke Summary Talk
Scientific and Organizing Commitee